Product Overview

Our product range includes a variety of different mats and carpet variations – depending on the location, purpose and duration of use, we would like to recommend the best possible quality variant to our customers.

Logo Mats

Logo Mats are used both in private areas and for advertising purposes with the advantage of additional dirt trapping effect.

Regardless, such mats are excellently suited to present individual messages in a creative way. Especially for companies, Logo mats are ideal as a marketing strategy.

Most companies have their own logo. This logo is found on the letterhead, on the company's homepage, possibly also as a graphic in the office or on the products that this company produces. So why not also on a logo mat. Many companies also have doormats, so it makes perfect sense to use the surface of the mat as an additional advertising space and turn the simple doormat into a logo mat that stands out.

Many of your customers will surely notice this Logo mat immediately, which is certainly also due to the perfect workmanship and design of the mat itself. Your logo then literally runs through the company like a red thread and is perceived by the customer in an additional way.

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Promotional Mats

promotional mat
A promotional mat can be used to individually highlight the services and products you offer or a special service.

Today, it is important to focus on the use of promotional mats in your sales area when planning marketing strategies.

Promotional mats can point to services, offers, and customer service or products and – if individually and appealingly designed – can set unusual accents and enhance the sales area accordingly. With us, it is possible to manufacture personally and individually designed promotional mats according to the ideas and wishes of the customers.

You can choose and determine colors, sizes, text, and motif yourself. Our experienced team will support you in designing the design.

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A doormat is not only functional, but can also creatively hint at the person behind the door.

Due to their countless colors and shapes, a door mat is also suitable as a gift idea. Especially with the option to print the mats with desired motifs, they serve as a small attention for various occasions, or you can treat yourself to a high-quality, personalized doormat.

Moreover, lovingly designed doormats also serve to discreetly communicate the house rules to guests right at the doorstep.
A doormat with a no-smoking sign, or a "Please keep distance" text is often more expressive than a sign. To prevent doormats from hindering the door opening and having to be rearranged each time, or to facilitate passage with shopping carts, strollers, etc., this is prevented by the surrounding rubber edge.

Our doormats can be cleaned with just water, carpet shampoo or a vacuum cleaner. If the mat fits in your washing machine (absolutely no problem for sizes up to 60x85cm), it can also be washed.

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Event Carpets

Trade Fair Carpet
Boring, no class, not inviting, not cleanly made, and breaks too easily. That's exactly how it shouldn't be, the event carpet.

We print your trade fair carpet using a Chromojet, a machine with a digital spray printing system for mats and carpets. This machine works with a nozzle system that injects the colors directly into the pile of your trade fair carpet.

The technology is very similar to that of an office printer: to print your carpet in optimal quality, we use, among other things, a high-resolution Chromojet with which we can also print images. We can print the trade fair carpet in one piece with a maximum width of 2m and a maximum length of 20m.

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