Printing Techniques

Depending on the mat quality, our products are manufactured for you using different printing processes - from spot printing with clear, defined colors to photorealistic transfer printing. These methods differ primarily in the number of colors used and the resolution of the print dots.



Printing Technology SPOT

With the SPOT printing technique, the individual colors are applied to the mat using predefined paint spray nozzles. This classic chromojet printing technology deeply dyes the originally white carpet fibers, the color is then fixed to the fibers with heat and steam, so that even regular laundry service does not result in any color loss.

The SPOT colors are predefined and after many years of experience, we have 21 or 30 brilliant colors available for printing your designs, depending on the product.




Printing Technology DIGITAL

The innovative chromojet digital printing technology enables almost any color constellation to be mixed if these are applied to the textile mat surface via a large number of very fine nozzles. Thanks to state-of-the-art software and color mixing systems in the background, any color specification can be implemented.

Here, too, the deep-colored fibers are fixed with heat and steam, so that regular washing of the mat is not a problem. For reliable work, we use our 30 predefined standard colors as a basic selection - however, many other color combinations are possible.

Thanks to an incredibly accurate print precision and print resolution of 30 print dots per centimeter, we can implement all print templates!




Printing Technology Photo

Photorealistic and high-resolution - using digital sublimation/thermal transfer printing, print templates are transferred to the mat surface in the quality of paper printing. This means that the smallest print elements, color gradients and intensive color reproduction are possible.

Our doormats with PHOTO digital printing are always a real highlight and provide “WOW effects”.



Photos Chromojet

Chromojet system
Chromojet system from left to right:
Color kitchen, material feed, print head, steamer, washer, dryer, accumulator, roll-up
Chromojet-Color kitchen
Color kitchen:
Here the individual colors are transported to the printer by large ink tanks.
Chromojet-tubing system
Tubing system:
A detailed shot, tubing system from the ink tank to the printer.
The daily job lists are loaded into the system and the color management is controlled via the machine's control panel.
The heart of the system, the printer. Comparable to a classic large format office printer.
The colors are fixed in the steamer at ~ 100°C.
After the steamer has fixed the colors, the washer removes excess color.
The damp, finished printed mats are dried in the dryer for faster processing.
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