FLOR 700 - individual printed doormat

Perfect combination of dirt trapping and personal design

Logomatte (50x70 cm)
Logomatte (50x70 cm)
Werbematte am POS (70x100 cm)
Werbematte am POS (70x100 cm)
Werbematte im Büro (60x90cm)
Werbematte im Büro (60x90cm)
Logomatte (85x150)

Give your home a personal touch with the FLOR 700 doormat. Not just as a dirt-trapping option, but also as an individual eye-catcher:

  • Unique, versatile print - from simple texts to complex designs.
  • Practical dirt trapping function that keeps your home clean.
  • Flexible use in various sizes - perfect for any entrance area.
  • Easy-care and washable in household washing machines up to 60°C.
  • PVC-free manufacturing.

Features of the FLOR 700 Doormat

The high-quality FLOR 700 doormat, internally we also like to call it the little sister to the FLOR 750, is available in many standard sizes as well as in special sizes. It can be individually printed with 30 intense standard colors (special colors possible!).

With the FLOR 700 doormat, you greet your guests, or yourself, at the door in a special way! Your individual message or a personal, chic design makes every homecoming beautiful.Managing Director
Sebastian Brugger

Personalized Doormats for Your Entrance Area

Whether in front of your apartment, your single-family home, or as an eye-catcher in the stairwell – the FLOR 700 doormat, personalized with your individual print, combines functionality with aesthetics. Compared to conventional doormats, often found in hardware stores or discounters, the FLOR 700 represents a qualitatively superior alternative.

Why FLOR 700 Stands Out From Standard Mats

Often the mats available in stores are limited in their color and design selection. Many of these mats are not designed for the average front door width of about 90 cm and tend to be produced in smaller dimensions to be offered as cheap as possible.

It is also not unusual for such mats to be equipped with a PVC backing. Interestingly, we offer with the FLOR 400 such an option, which is more suitable for advertising purposes, or as a particularly inexpensive giveaway. A PVC back can be less flexible at low temperatures and, if washable at all, may take longer to return to its original shape after washing.

Quality that Convinces for Years

In contrast, the FLOR 700 is available in various sizes, including specially made desired sizes. For the average entrance of a private household, we recommend the size 50x75 cm or 60x85 cm. The mat can be washed up to 60°, and thanks to the NBR rubber, it remains permanently elastic, so it will bring you joy for many years.

In addition, thanks to its quality and customization options, it can also serve as a cost-effective alternative to conventional logo mats FLOR 750, especially if the budget is limited, or you as, for example, a residential building developer, desire higher quality doormats for the apartments of your tenants.

  • Personalized entrance mat for private houses and apartments
  • Stylish doormat for apartment entrances
  • Custom-designed doormat for holiday homes
  • Doormat with family name or house number
Standard sizes (cm):
40x60, 50x75, 60x85, 85x115, 85x150, 85x200, 85x300, 115x180, 115x200, 115x240, 115x300, 150x200, 150x240, 150x300, 200x200, 200x300, 200x400, 200x600 - more sizes on request
30 standard colors to choose from, special colors available at extra cost.
Print image
The doormat highlights individual designs with brilliant, wash-resistant colors. A curled pile surface ensures optimal dirt absorption.
Side view
The mat has a standard rubber edge of approx. 1 cm width and a total height of about 7 mm.
A slip-resistant, PVC-free NBR back provides grip on smooth surfaces, shows resistance to oils and many acids, and ensures longevity due to its elasticity.
Made of robust PA 6.6, the doormat surface offers high dirt absorption qualities. With a pile weight of about 680 g/m², it can absorb approximately 3 liters of water per m².

Technical Specifications:

Fiber: HTN PA 6.6 - Frisé
Pile Weight: 680 g/m²
Construction: Cut Pile
Pile Height: ~ 6 mm
Tuft Spacing: 1/10"
Tufting backing: Polyester Fleece - 120 g/m²
Coating: NBR Rubber 1 mm
Border: ~ 1 cm, all around, reinforced, or without
Minimum Quantity: from 1 piece
Water Absorption: ~ 3 l/m²
Total Weight: ~ 1.9 kg/m²
Total Height: ~ 7 mm
Data Quality: Images 150 dpi .jpg, .tiff - Logos, fonts vectorized in curves .pdf
Care: washable at 50° suitable for dryers suitable for underfloor heating Vacuum cleaner Fire Safety Certificate

30 Standard Colors:

Our standard colors in spot printing for the product FLOR 700. A color sheet in higher resolution for printing.


Product Inquiry FLOR 700:

Please give us as much information as possible about your desired product, this is the only way we can create your ideal individual offer and an optional non-binding design proposal.
Delivery time
Standard delivery time approx. 4 weeks. More details then in the offer.
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